What to tip in thailand

what to tip in thailand

First of all, tipping is not customary in Thailand. There is absolutely no mandatory requirement to tip anyone who give you service in Thailand. Understand the culture of tipping in Thailand. Learn how the Thais tip and what's expected of foreigner's when eating at restaurants. When to tip and how much to tip are common questions for many visitors to Thailand. I've listed a number of different scenarios with suggested.


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So I understand that some people have to take the non-tip approach 2 , and only tip in exceptional circumstances. When we arrived I handed the driver some money and got out of the car expecting him to just keep the change. Go Go dancers encourage you to leave tips in their most intimate places, if you want one up close and personal, just wave a nice big tip in front of her. For small roadside stalls and eateries there is no need to leave a tip, but rounding the amount up is not unusual. Find out more here and follow Thaizer on social media using the buttons below. Some Thai people do not tip at all, although it is becoming much more common. Header Right Search this website. I've read a few threads on the web over the years where some foreigners curse others for tipping too. And I have to admit Casino roulette game do enjoy the art of haggling. Apr 03, at 1: So they just take a chance by asking you directly for a tip. Post A Comment Cancel Reply. what to tip in thailand


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